Oz Whisky Review: Tasmanian Whisky Week 2023: the trends, the triumphs, the takeaways

Originally Published in Oz Whiskey Review 

Editor Luke McCarthy reports on Tasmanian Whisky Week 2023. Catch-up on all the latest from the Tasmanian scene with this deep dive into the weeklong celebration.

A quick detour – Greenbanks Distilling Co.

The next morning, I’ll admit, I was pretty exhausted. But that quickly subsided when I arrived at the scene of what’s set to become one of the biggest stories in Tasmanian whisky in a long time.

Greenbanks Distilling Co., a new contract distilling operation north of Hobart, will start production later this year. It’s bound to shake up the Tasmanian scene. I met with Greenbanks founders John Slattery, Hugh Roxburgh and Tim Salt at the new site and it’s hard not to be impressed by what they’ve got coming online.

Using both Vendome pot and column stills, the latter a massive 24-inch continuous copper column, Greenbanks are aiming to create a range of contract whiskies for a diverse client base and also produce their own widely available Tasmanian whisky brands.

Supposedly, Tasmania is producing around 2 million litres of spirit annually at the moment, an unverified figure, but one I’ve heard multiple industry stalwarts reference. When Greenbanks is fully up and running and into their second phase of development, they’ll have the capacity to produce around 100 barrels a day – that would be close to matching the entire output of Tasmania’s whisky industry at present, so it’s a serious development.

I’ll have more on the Greenbanks story later in the year when they start production, but needless to say, it’s one to stay across.

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